Dreams Based On True Stories About People That Never Existed

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Quite a bit of it really is just a dream, but that doesn't make it any less real. It's all about the importance of dreams and fiction. In the second story arc, the protagonist reflects on how cliche this trope is, but ultimately decides she can't find a better way to sum up her adventures.

Fast-forward to the last story arc, where Dream's funeral concludes with every one of the guests waking up - even the reader. Two Spawn issues written by Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison has Spawn dying accidentally after a fight with an angel warrior, and goes to a special level of Hell, where he finds all Marvel Comics and DC Comics superheroes imprisoned, and with help of Superman , who gave him his power, he sets them all free.

Next issue happens back on Earth, with the narrator saying "Let's come back to reality. Spawn has a bad dream last days. For example, issue 5 starts with Woody, Quantum, and Amy working together as a tightly-coordinated counter-terrorism team to stop a criminal called Othello. In reality, it's a dream induced after Quantum was accidentally blasted off of a building in the previous issue.

A story of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers from the early '70s has the trio staging a violent assault on a prison to free an incarcerated friend. Fat Freddy ends up cut off and bludgeoned to death by a horde of cops - but it's all just a dream, and Franklin is beating him with a rolled-up newspaper for eating a whole batch of hash cookies.

Then, some seven years later, an extended story where they take a cross-country trip in a vintage RV ends in a full-scale riot at a Greenwich Village Halloween parade — but it's all just a dream, and Franklin is beating Freddy with a rolled-up newspaper He quickly infiltrates Al Capone 's gang and kills every last mobster in Chicago along with Al, the idea being that by breaking the mafia's hold early on, there'll be no gang shooting in Central Park in the late twentieth century, saving Frank's family and preventing his Start of Darkness.

Then he wakes up. The newspaper comic didn't do the whole "deal with the devil" storyline but it did suddenly change, making Peter single again to fit in with the comic book line. Fan uproar eventually convinced the writers of the newspaper comic to retcon that change, and they did that by saying it was all just a dream. Now if only they could do the same with the main comic Subverted in issue 5 of Fish Police. He didn't dream up a single thing that happened so far in the plot; he was just drunk when a lot of it happened. Scooby Apocalypse : Issue 10 is revealed at the end to primarily have been a fever dream.

Usagi Yojimbo : Usagi stays with a peasant family, and at night they are set upon by a demon which slays the mother and father, and eventually Usagi. The son wakes up and it's all revealed to have been a dream he had from eating too much candy. Usagi leaves and bids them goodbye.

100+ ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural

Then Jei , known for slaughtering people who give him hospitality, shows up at the house and asks if he can stay the night. Judge Dredd : Played for Black Comedy when a man is randomly gunned down in a drive-by shooting and a first-time criminal decides to steal the dead man's wallet.

Judge Dredd pursues and corners him, but when the man pleads that he regrets what he did, Dredd gives him a break and tells him to go home. Then the perp wakes up in prison with Dredd quipping "Keep dreaming". Disney Ducks Comic Universe : A dream ending was hastily written into the Barks story "The Firebug" where Donald becomes a Pyromaniac but is pardoned when he catches a more dangerous person who was starting similar fires.

In the original ending, Donald sets the judge's waste basket on fire and is thrown in jail as well, but in the altered ending Donald is woken up by one of his nephews instead. There's an Italian comic by Marco Rota where Donald takes a nap on a bed in Gyro Gearloose's workplace, but accidentally activates a dream device by releasing a nightmare potion. The rest of the comic features freaky scenes such as the Beagle Boys running the police force and pursuing Donald, Uncle Scrooge dying when he activates his Money Bin's self-destruct before turning into a giant coin-monster , and Little Helper becoming a robotic Mad Scientist by switching places with Gyro.

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At the end Donald wakes up back in Gyro's workplace and realizes it was all a dream. This is the conclusion that Donald comes to at the end of The Duck Who Never Was , after wishing that he was never born and having a genie Who happens to live in an urn instead of the typical vase he met in the Duckburg Museum grant said wish.

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  4. After Donald runs off and leaves the museum however the Genie's voice is seen emanating from the urn in which he lives, proving that it really did happen. This is partially revisited in the later story Treasury of Croesus. When Donald, along with his uncle and nephews, once again visits the museum he sees the same urn from the previous story and is then the only one to notice the lid of the urn being lifted up by a hand from inside the urn, which looks to be in greeting to Donald.

    What Is the American Dream: History, Quotes

    Also shown to be the case at the conclusion to Barks' The Money Stairs. Dealing with Donald and Scrooge competing to see whether there are some things that Scrooge's money can't accomplish, it ends with Donald waking up and telling his nephews that he realized it was a dream after Scrooge offered to buy him a soda. In retrospect, the events being a dream make sense, as the story features Scrooge being fairly carefree with spending his money to beat Donald.

    In the story "Paperino e l'incubo dello zione" Uncle Scrooge is seemingly visited by characters from his recurring nightmares, then Donald discovers it's all a plot by the Beagle Boys to rob Scrooge. Scrooge then promises that he'll reward Donald with half of his entire riches. At this point it's revealed that the entire story was just Donald's happy dream. Grant Morrison ends his run of Animal Man by retconning it into a dream as a favor to the title character. Comic Strips. Jon got a date and asked Garfield to pinch him to be sure it wasn't a dream.

    It was. Little Nemo in Slumberland ends every strip with Nemo waking up in bed. There were continuous storylines despite this. And when Nemo gets into trouble it does not feel as safe as a dream. No no no. Drabble pulled this twice, then subverted it hilariously. The first time, Ralph dreams that his job as a mall cop is more like Batman.

    The second time, Norman goes to a piercing salon with Wendy and ends up with multiple ear, nose, and other rings. The third time, Norman and Wendy run off to Vegas and get married on a dare. Norman is about to invoke this trope when the next panel reveals the cartoonist has already used up his chances to use it. The plot gets resolved another way. From Bloom County , after a long-awaited wedding, Opus is knocked out when his nose collided with Lola's when they kiss. While unconscious, Opus dreams about Lola leaving him twenty years later with twenty-three tube-grown kids.

    At another point, Opus ends up wandering lost and semi-delirious in the desert.

    Yesterday - In Theaters June 28 (HD)

    Suddenly, he's back home in Bloom County. He announces how happy he is it was all just a dream. Milo then says "No. This is the dream. You're still in the desert. A two-week storyline in FoxTrot , parodying The Metamorphosis , has Jason waking up one morning to find he's turned into a miniature version of his sister, Paige.

    Midway through the story, he lampshades this trope by saying he's figured out that he's dreaming, because he thinks that if this were real, Mulder and Scully would've come to investigate. Dream-Peter then points out that Mulder and Scully are TV characters — and therefore only investigate incidents appropriate for primetime shows.

    Turning into a teenage girl is too horrific. Calvin and Hobbes has the memorable "A Letter From Santa" Sunday strip, where Calvin gets a letter from Santa Claus encouraging him to be as bratty as he likes and that good kids actually nauseate Santa. There have been lots of fics inspired by Cupcakes in which the original fic was either a nightmare or a recurring nightmare for one of the two characters.

    Not all had a necessarily better ending for either. In Nobody Dies : Much of chapter 66 is Shinji having a dream really more of a nightmare about Zeruel slaughtering everyone. Season 4 is just a dream, made by Arael. Since Asuka has the upper hand, Misato talks her into a threesome. Asuka demands getting Shinji's first kiss and she is about to kiss him Shinji's reaction to realize it was a dream and the penguin has woken him up from the best dream he has ever had was It was until after she kissed Kyon that she realized she was awake.

    Appears in the fic, Rainbow in the Dark , where Rainbow Dash has an erotic encounter, after which she wakes up, building up the UST to even higher levels. The short story is on DeviantArt. In Heart And Eye , Xander has a conversation with Willow that turns out to be result of heavy painkillers The Star Trek: New Voyages episode "To Serve All My Days", involving a delayed effect of Rapid Aging that afflicts Chekov to the point where he may have died, in the final scene following the closing credits suggests that most of the whole episode was just a dream he had.

    Equestria is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fiction that suggests that the eponymous world is actually the elaborate fantasy world that was to be the setting of a series of stories planned by a woman who was emotionally abused by her mother. She never got around to writing it and the emotional abuse that she suffered drove her into her dream world..

    Chapter 7 of Dalton starts out like this. The readers are aware the entire time that it is a dream. In The Detective and the Diplomat , Sherlock Holmes is trapped in Ankh-Morpork and would rather believe that everything he is experiencing there — from a demonstration of magic to a talking dog — is actually a fever-dream. He's wrong.

    A story about a world without the world's greatest rock band from screenwriter Richard Curtis

    In chapter 8 of Weightless , Shepard dreamed of Garrus tied up and interrogated her to make her spill out her feelings which she was trying to keep to herself due to several reasons. She was woken up by the real Garrus and suddenly hit him in the face. After that, things got worse. Ed Abuse : And by the last person you would expect it to be. Discussed in Dirty Sympathy when Apollo wonders whether the events of the story are actually happening, whether Klavier is actually real and if he is dreaming the whole thing to comfort himself.

    Klavier is all too quick to reassure him. In Midnight Savior , it begins with Kim on Lorwardia in chains, being dragged to the gallows to be executed by beheading. The moment the blade falls, she wakes up screaming. While she was dreaming, she tried to wake herself up, convinced she's dreaming, but it seems it's actually happening. After waking up, she could almost feel the heat and dirt from the nightmare.

    But the worst thing for her was how it could have happened if Ron haven't saved her and killed the Lorwardians. In a similar fanfic Dead Man Switch , it turns out to be Kim's nightmare. She dreamt about how far Ron was willing to go to avenge Kim when she was taken to Lorwardia during "Graduation" to be beheaded and mounted as a trophy. Also the state Earth has become , since after they executed Kim, the Lorwardians forced the humans to tribute them by sending 15 teenage girls to be beheaded , have their heads mounted, and feasts on their headless bodies.

    The first chapter of A New Way is a dream of Chrysalis's, viewed by Luna, though this is not immediately apparent. In Vengeance from the Grave Harry, annoyed that his friends and colleagues are trying to play with his emotions, subjects them to an eight hour long forced dream about what the next eight years of their lives would be like if he got fed up and left. Averted in Vapors. Aiko is rather traumatized when her painkillers wear off enough for her to realize that being kidnapped by Sasori is not a fever dream. This happens a few times in the Meg's Family Series. Boyfriend had a chapter that turned out to be Zack's Adventures In Coma Land , and Family had The Obligatory Zombie Chapter , which was Maddie's nightmare considering how it ended , it would be hard to continue the series otherwise.

    Returns ' prologue was also this, detailing how much had changed for the family in between the stories and Brian wondering about the story possibilities. Then Meg wakes up and nothing has changed. Brian is not amused. Films — Animation. Alice in Wonderland : Alice realizes she's dreaming and begs herself to wake up at the very end- and succeeds thanks to her sister also calling her name in the real world. But there was a TV series with the Wild West theme that aired prior to the 3rd movie Fridge Brilliance when you realized that it's possible to stay in what seems to be forever in the dream world and then wake up to discover that only one night has passed in reality.

    Darling come home from their dinner party to find the children asleep in the nursery as if they had never left even though the Neverland trip seemed longer than just one night , and while Wendy and her parents see what looks like the pirate ship's silhouette in the sky, it's not clear if it really is the ship or just a cloud formation. This is left ambiguous , though, for a few seconds until the 'ship' breaks up in the wind before "The End" appears.

    Maybe the creators felt weird about Santa even thinking about skipping a year in real life, but either way the ending is so rushed and unnecessary that many airings cut it for time. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland toys with this throughout; the whole thing is a dream of course, but at a couple points it seems like Nemo has awoken in his bed, only for something from his dream to appear in his bedroom, such as the scepter King Morpheus gave him, meaning that he's still dreaming. This trope was one of many reasons Hayao Miyazaki left the production of the film, as he didn't want the movie to be all just a dream despite this being the entire premise of the Little Nemo comic strip in the first place.

    Aaron Carter's upbeat song "That's How I Beat Shaq" relates the singer's adventures as he beats Shaquille O'Neal in a one-on-one basketball match, and ends with him waking up in bed. It features Chris Balleau's son talking about a dream he had where he met Magic Johnson.

    Mesozoic Mind, by the Charmers. Last night I had a crazy dream, I fell out of my bed! I missed the floor entirely, I fell through time instead!

    During dreaming, the visual and emotional processing areas of the brain are active

    Was it all a dream? It seems like it now. But then it also seems so real. More real than anything I've ever experienced when awake. I, on the other hand, had the requisite qualities to be the boy who fell in love with MPDGs. I was shy, un-athletic, bookish and pudgy. I was horny, lonely, and brooding.

    9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dreaming

    I fell for clever, impulsive, short-haired brunettes. I kept my longings to myself, wanting to spare them the awkwardness of making the "I'm flattered but I don't want to spoil our friendship" speech, and wanting to spare myself what I correctly imagined would be the excruciating humiliation of having to hear it. Not old enough to buy cigarettes or vote, I was well on my way to being one of what Penny calls the "mournful men-children" who attach themselves to the bright, the unconventionally pretty, the eager-to-please.

    Decades before the term was coined, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl gave me my first proper kiss. Thirty years ago this month, while visiting relatives in Austria, my Viennese grandmother introduced me to Bettina, one of the many teens to whom she gave private English lessons. Bettina was six months older than I was; dark haired and impulsive.

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    On our first date, we went to see La Cage aux Folles with German subtitles; on our second, we went skinny-dipping in the Old Danube; on our third, we smoked hash, listened to the Sex Pistols, and read Paul Celan aloud with her friends from an anarchist youth collective. We didn't sleep together, but she taught me to open my mouth when I was kissing, and to cup her face in my hand as my tongue touched hers. After a fourth date and hours of hiking and making out in the Lainzer Tiergarten, I asked if I was her boyfriend.

    She laughed, shook her head, and decades ahead of her time, gave a short but impassioned speech about how monogamy was the enemy of true love. For the next two years, we wrote each other long letters two or three times a month. Feeling that my American education wasn't up to par, Bettina sent me reading, listening, and viewing lists in both German and English. I read and listened to everything she suggested whether I liked it or not. I rarely reciprocated with my own offerings, fearful she'd find my own tastes Stephen King, The Police pedestrian, unimaginative and thoroughly disappointing.

    Rabin defined the Manic Pixie Dream Girl as a muse whose primary role is to teach and transform a young man. As contemporary a trope as it feels, it's as old as Dante with his vision of being guided through paradise by his saintly Beatrice. But most contemporary dream theorists believe things are not quite so simple. For starters, a century of experience with talk therapy has shown that far from benefitting from forgetting all of our dreams, we often get a great deal out of reflecting on and analyzing them. That may be the source of the persistent dream about failing to study for finals — with finals as a stand-in for a presentation you have to write for work in your adult life.

    Dreaming about losing some or all of your teeth — reported by a surprising number of respondents in studies — appears to be about anxiety over saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment. It may also be about bodily deterioration — something we all fear even in childhood. In most cultures inappropriate clothing means shame. A far more productive function of dreaming is problem-solving, as the sleeping brain continues to work on jobs the waking mind handled during the day.

    In one study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, 99 people were administered a task that required them to navigate through a three-dimensional maze. During the course of their practice sessions, they were given a minute break. Some were asked to engage in quiet activities like reading; others were were instructed to try to take a nap. Those who did nap and who happened to dream about the maze showed a ten-fold improvement on the task in the next session compared to the other subjects.