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Work on long-term goals for all your children, especially if they are lagging in certain areas. Teach them that you value being kind, independent and respectful. Model and teach acceptance of mistakes as opportunities to learn. Parents tend to shower their children with comments that put them on a pedestal, which creates a sense of entitlement and children who are addicted to praise.

It is often hard to know the right things to say to your child and when. Beverley Cathcart-Ross, co-author of Raising Great Parents and founder of The Parenting Network, offers some advice about how to be encouraging rather than overdoing the praise:. Encourage: You ran like the wind on the field today! Were you having a good time?

Encourage: You went on the potty twice today — that must feel great! Encourage: You put away the toys and picked up all the books — what a difference a clean room makes! Encourage: Wow, you ate all your dinner — you must have been very hungry! Encourage: Look at all the different colours in that painting — is there a story that goes with it? Dealing with new-parent anxiety.

Why First-Born Children Are Better Leaders

What to bring to the hospital. Tips on prenatal skin care. Pregnancy and swollen feet. Is baby talk good for babies? Is thumb sucking really that bad? Keep your baby active with tummy time. Is full-day kindergarten too much for four-year-olds? Tips to feeding your kids fruits and veggies. How to babyproof your home. Go back to school naturally with Homeocan.

Why First-Born Children May Have Greater Success - Scientific American

How to help your child handle stage fright. Ask Dr.

Marla: Son is concerned about size of genitalia. Navigating mindfulness with my teenager in a digital world. Fun Family-Friendly Destinations.

Olive Oil and Maple Granola. Pizza Beans. Triple Coconut Breakfast Muffins. Dealing with first-born syndrome. Our interviews with mothers in Gwalior also found that younger siblings are fed less balanced diets. It is necessary and laudable to push for improving nutrition, advancing child and maternal health, and ending open defecation in India. However, we cannot close the malnutrition gap without addressing the social norms and economic rationales that deprive girls and younger siblings of the resources they need.

The fight for gender equality is a crucial part of this.

The birth order puzzle

A law granted daughters the right to inherit equally with their brothers, but enforcement is weak. And the participation of women in the labour force is actually declining in India today. As long as this is the case, it will be hard to convince parents to invest in their children more equally. Parents will continue to lavish resources on their eldest sons if they see them as their only support in old age.

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Physical height is an important economic variable reflecting health and human capital. Puzzlingly, however, differences in average height across developing countries are not well explained by differences in wealth. We cannot close the malnutrition gap without addressing the social norms and economic rationales that deprive girls and younger siblings of the resources they need Why are Indian children so short?

The first- and second-born Last year, we conducted a study that used demographic and health surveys for India and 25 sub-Saharan African countries to compare heights by age in a sample of more than , children under five.

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