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Kids learn athletic success and bully prevention through karate. Ages Adult. Journey to health and fitness while learning to defend yourself. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes. Kids BJJ. The primary method is therefore to hit hard and fast and then flee. If that fails, Funakoshi tells that we should deceive the assailant and then pre-emptively strike and flee.

We must never seek grappling in the first instance. Funakoshi stresses the importance of such methods and recommends their regular practise. One of the most important books in karate is a very old one called the Bubishi. The Bubishi deals with two kenpo styles that helped form the basis of karate those styles being White-Crane and Monk Fist Boxing. Most of the past karate masters had a copy of this book and drew from it in their writings and teaching. The Bubishi contains an entire chapter on grappling and escapes. Although the grappling methods contained within the Bubishi are not very sophisticated, they are as effective as they are brutal.

Kenwa Mabuni, founder of Shito-Ryu and yet another student of Itosu, was one of the first to express concern that the grappling side of karate was being neglected as the art made its move from Okinawa to mainland Japan.

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He went on to say that those who did not practise karate in its entirety were learning a hollow version of the art. Aside from the grappling in karate, it is a little known fact that Mabuni also taught Shin-den Fudo-ryu Jujutsu to his students including Chojiro Tani: the founder of Shukokai karate.

So not only did Mabuni train in the grappling side of karate, he also supplemented his grappling study with methods from other arts. Another karateka to train in Jujutsu and make it part of their karate was Hironori Otsuka founder of Wado-Ryu karate.

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In the two man drills of Wado we can see throws and locks, and even ground fighting techniques such as Juji-Gatame cross lock. Therefore the karateka that wishes to build on the basic grappling methods of karate should not be made to feel they are abandoning the art for doing so. One grappling system that has a massive influence on karate is the Okinawan art of Tegumi.

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Some martial historians believe that karate is in fact a fusion of various styles of Chinese kenpo and Tegumi. Tegumi, as an art in its own right, is best described by someone who engaged in it first hand. In fact there are few rules … The bout begins, as sumo does, with the two opponents pushing against each other. Then, as it proceeds, grappling and throwing techniques are used. Some boys, however, were so dauntless that they would go on fighting until they were knocked out. In such cases, it would be the duty of the referee to try to stop the bout before that happened.

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He then goes on to explain how he and his friends would engage in Tegumi bouts against multiple opponents with the aim being to avoid being seized and taken down which is in line with the self-defence nature of karate. Then, if I attacked one opponent, the others would find an opening in which to attack me.

Regaining an upright position is of course the key ground fighting skill required for self-defence. For any skill to be of value it needs to be drilled live.

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So where does all of this leave us? The fact is that there is a huge amount of historical references to karate grappling and in writing this article I was truly spoilt for choice. It was very difficult for me to choose which references to use and which ones to leave out. However, there is no escaping the fact that karate grappling was around for a very long time before The majority of the texts referenced in this article were published many decades prior to that date.

The modernists who state that karate grappling is a direct response to the MMA boom are wrong. However, interest in that side of the art certainly owes a great deal to MMA; which is just one more reason why I like MMA and think the martial arts world owes it a great deal. The traditionalists that protest to karate grappling on the grounds that their sensei never taught them such methods need to explore their art in the depth it deserves.

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Most of the references quoted in this article are readily available and should be studied by all serious karateka. Whether your sensei taught you these methods or not, there is no doubt that the architects of modern karate practised grappling and regarded it as an essential part of the art. Certainly karate has generally neglected its grappling since the widespread growth of the art, but there have been many attempts to get people to reconsider this sin of omission.

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Another relatively recent book that makes reference to karate grappling and that urges us to include such methods in our training is H. Everything is allowed … This is why karate is based on blows delivered with the hand, the foot, the head or the knee. Equally permissible are strangulations, throwing techniques and locks.