Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation

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I learned that making truth subjective—as so many are tempted to do when faced with tough questions—emptied truth of its very definition. Knowing Biblical truth became even more important when opportunities arose to share it—notably when America legalized same-sex marriage in , and during a terrorist attack in that shook the UK.

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I am thankful for my prayer partner in the UK—a Canadian-Cantonese girl with a beautiful smile and love for the Lord. Our conversations brought clarity for me on tough issues. For these reasons, I would encourage every Christian to approach and walk with someone like-minded in a desire to grow in Christ.

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It was an arduous and lonely journey praying for my non-Christian friends and learning how to address their questions. However, this journey became so much more bearable when I shared my burdens with my Christian friends and they prayed for us. Evangelist John Sung was known to read only the Bible and newspaper every day.

He knew the dual importance of knowing Scripture and its relevance in his cultural and spiritual climate. Similarly, I encourage us to be well-informed, critical-thinking Christians who know our Bibles and how it relates to current issues.

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We can do so by wisely selecting resources that: a clarify Scripture with Scripture, b are in-line with Scripture and c reliably inform us of our times today—with truth, objectivity, and credibility see the list below for some examples. Personally, I found it helpful to install reliable news apps on my phone and ensure I only read books and articles from credible authors, including those from varying perspectives. This has humbled me to adopt a more teachable attitude.

Once, a friend asked why Christians were advised to marry only other Christians. I am thankful to God for bringing me on this journey of growth and helping me to come to know my faith, the person I put my faith in, and how my faith fits in with the times. Though we live in uncertain times, we can take heart that the truths in Scripture are unchanging. Loving God with our minds is a lifelong journey involving focus, discipline, ownership, and accountability. Also, something that I am learning outside the church is to be my own best friend.

The church I was in was focused on selflessness. Now I ask myself what do I feel and what do I need and if it is a real need then I meet it somehow. So I make sure to take care of me like I would a little child. I also make sure to stand up for myself by setting boundaries for disrespectful people. Somehow, that way I feel more confident and worthy of making good friends and receiving love and kindness from them.

All this after a few very painful friendship losses. It has taken several years to get to a place where I am feeling happy whether I have friends around me or not. Jim I found 2 people today who are speaking of some of the places where I am at. I have just started back to church with the same thought as yours. See if Papa has someone of like mind there. I have meet with him and kind of told him where I am coming from and that I am somewhat anti church system. I assured him I have not come to the church looking for disciples or to start some movement in the church but if someone ask my thoughts on our life in Christ I would speak my heart.

God hates discord amount the brethren and I sure am not looking to cause any split in a church. I guess for the lack of any other leading from the Lord I have put myself in this place to see what he perhaps has for me there.

It has been great this last 3 years and I have no desire to leave my current walk with the Lord but when you see so many new things you just want to share them with others and see what Jesus has showed them. So I am just writing to say perhaps Papa is moving us this way, but I am not looking to cause trouble and I will be gone if it appears I am and for sure with any signs of bondage trying to be laid on me I will be backing away.

A ship in motion is much raiser to steer than one siting still. Maybe we still will. All the grace is to given to the Church, but very little is asked to be had towards the hurting. That right there, sets the Church up unconsciously as an untouchable entity. All I can say to those of us out here is, persevere. They will either get it or not. Maybe our journey is not for them. I really believe that language is exactly what Jesus body and bride should be seeking as it is a beautiful way of describing our relationship with Father, Jesus, Ourselves and others.

I no longer see it as small as that. I now see that the New Creation is more than just an identity, I think it is a lifestyle we are called to live in here and now. I suppose in my baptist background we made the error of an under-realised eschatology. What I have really connected with Wayne over the last months is his balanced emphasis on the New Creation. A theologian and friend of mine has coined the phrase Enacted Inaugurated Eschatology apologies for all the terminology , to refer to the kind of life Jesus was living on this earth.

For me in my conservative Baptist days. My salvation would have worked out fine if Jesus had been killed by Herod when he killed off all the boys 2 years old and younger. I just needed him to be innocent, and shed his blood for me in death. What I now see is that Jesus lived a life that shows me how to participate in the New Creation. Jesus in his coming brought the Kingdom with him, he inaugurated it. I would like to offer two phrases to this conversation, namely 1 Participating in the New Creation and 2 Practising the New Creation lifestyle.

I believe this is what Jesus life on earth was all about, enacting this Eschatology he had inaugurated through his coming.

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I like these phrases because to me they help me to not over or under realise the New Creation, as these are real dangers. Though never complete or perfect it is a pleasure to join God in what he is doing in the world in our everyday lives and relationships. This often tends to be the more spontaneous stuff like chatting to someone over a braai the South African version of a BBQ etc. The second phrase I find offers a bit more intentionality as I get to practise New Creation, to be honest I see the most practical way of doing this through my relationships, and another way for me at least seems to be through art.

I like the idea of practising instead of performance. Once again in my old baptist days I felt I needed to do certain things and do them perfectly to get God on my side, or to manage my relationship with him. Now I just practise the New Creation by loving my wife and being her champion, loving my sons, loving a work colleague who is struggling with an issue, lifting shame or condemnation off another and show friends, family members and strangers that Jesus does really love them as they are.

I hope that encourages someone or makes a positive contribution to the conversation going ahead.

I do think that the life that is spoken about here on the God journey is of the enacted kind. Thank you Justin! My heart resonates with what you are saying about life in the New creation! With the five purposes God has for our lives, we can now define a singular purpose which we can live out in all area, even our professional lives. Last but not least you must make sure you can earn money to provide for your family.

Some examples of Christians who do a good job of living a purpose driven life by integrating their faith within their professional lives include:. This serves as both a blessing and a curse because sometimes I found myself having anxiety in trying to meet the goals that had been achieved by others which are a sin. My challenge is that you will live your life in a way that glorifies God but march to your drum.

We all are created in his image but we each are unique, and none of us will experience the same things in life. Their imagination is still about possessions, fame and power, not to forget money.

Thank you for taking the time to share this article and spread knowledge that purpose is within all of us. Thank you for this post. It was exactly what I needed. I have such clarity now. Thank you for being faithful to your call. Am so amazed for the wisdom you use to write this article. I have been praying and looking for ideas and answers concerning my purpose on earth..

This your article explain everything I was searching for with scriptures and directions.