My Life and 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom

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Click To Tweet. We are all striving to find our niche, the right track that will lead us to success.

You are much more likely to succeed if you find that ONE strategy that works the best for you, learn everything you can about it, and hit the ground the running. For Mitch, that niche was owner financing.

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He shared his journey of failing as a landlord, but discovering the value and profit behind owner financing. He took a strategy he knew he liked and wanted to master, invested in a professional that was already succeeding at it, and learned everything he could so that he too could find success within his chosen niche. There is always going to be someone that knows more than you or has already done what you are trying so desperately to accomplish. Prepare yourself! This book is going to get your juices flowing.

Your heart is going to start racing when you contemplate the possibilities. You're going to start seeing opportunities in places you never noticed.

One Time Money, Temporary Money & Forever Money Mitch Stephen

You'll come to understand there's a never ending stream of bargain properties - if you know where to look - and how to fish for them. More importantly, you may just start to separate yourself from those that hate their jobs and their daily grind. It all begins with the deal!

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Whether you're an owner, financier, flipper, landlord, wholesaler, or subject-to entrepreneur, it all starts with consistently finding great deals. Mitch believes real estate investing is a powerful strategy for acquiring wealth. He has helped new investors find their place; has helped veteran investors re-invent themselves. He especially believes in "Owner Financing" beyond all other investing strategies.

Mitch Stephen's ideas are so simple and obvious, but yet also genius. Page after page, you'll ask yourself Stephens is graciously giving away all of his trade secrets in this book. I highly recommend both of Mitch's books to anyone who has dreams of providing for themselves financially. Their company, Independence Day, Inc.

My Life & 1000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom [Download] Online

This company specializes in buying distressed properties with OPM and selling those properties with Owner Financing. Thank you for subscribing!

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