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Introduction A Hot-Pot to keep you warm, and now all you need is a kotatsu. I would not move until summer! Introduction What's better than chicken soup?

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Chicken and Mushroom Soup with Udon. Introduction A chicken stir fry that is the easiest thing around - 4sauces 4 great flavour. Introduction Mango with your noodles? Who'da thunk? Delicious but! Introduction All the comfort of chicken soup with the added deliciousness of pumpkin. Introduction A chicken soup that chock-full of all that is good, including Bok Choy! Introduction Green peppercorns add a real bite to this dish. Introduction Is there anyone here who doesn't like teriyaki? I didn't think so. Introduction Break out the chargrill!

It's Teriyaki Time! Introduction How many soups do you know that contain pear and boiled egg? Introduction Tomato juice to zing the tastebuds with a hint of crunch.

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Introduction This is really a soup with a salad on the side. You will enjoy both. Introduction A wonderful assortment of ingredients to make a mouth-watering meal. Introduction Chicken Soup makes the winter blues disappear and this soup will make you look forward to a cold day. Introduction Hot Hot Hot!!! Chilli and as much as you like! Introduction Not all basils are equal - make sure you use Thai basil leave for this dish. Introduction A quick, healthy and easy meal that the whole family will love. Introduction Chicken with soy and chilli is a thing of joy - just add noodles. Introduction Take the basics in the right portions and you can't go wrong!

Delicious dinner for two. Introduction Winter is coming! Ease the chill with Chilly Weather Udon. Introduction Thin, delicate Somen that makes the finest eating in warm weather - pretty plates to serve on are a must! Introduction Crab Cakes anyone? Definitely remember the mayonnaise for dipping.

Introduction MMM Crispy noodle salad. So simple to make at home. Introduction A great recipe for the kids, both big and small. Introduction A traditional salad to tickle the senses Introduction Delectable baked duck makes a meal fit for a king. Introduction Soba noodles simply work with Duck and plum sauce - don't ask me why. Introduction Packed with flavour, yet simple to prepare. A great mid-week meal indeed.

Introduction Easy chicken noodle soup, delicious and simple. Introduction Peanut butter in the pantry is the basis for a great satay dish. Introduction The name says it all - Easy! Introduction No - we are not talking a fried egg and bacon. Read further Introduction Baling mushrooms are a large, fleshy Chinese variety. However, most types of mushroom can be used in this dish.

Introduction Big, beautiful kin prawns peeking through the noodles and silverbeet. So tasty! Introduction A truly exotic flavouring - I hope you can find it for this amazing dish. Introduction Coriander, pickled ginger and mushrooms bring flavour and texture. Introduction Always gently gently when cooking fish. The results will then speak for themselves. Introduction Grilling your vegies gives them a lovely stripe. Introduction A delicious hot pot that you can use any Hakubaku Organic noodles that you have to hand. Introduction A fusion dish - shades of the Mediterranean.

Making good use of what's in the pantry. Introduction Onions and capsicums peppers if you prefer just plain ol' go together. Introduction Great flavours to mix and match - easy to halve if not so many people. Introduction I grew up with Demae Iccho instant ramen. This is my to recreated version of this nostalgic taste. Fresher, healthier, and guilt free. Introduction lamb and five-spice - what a combination!

Introduction Is it Hot and Sour that you are wanting? This soup is for you. Introduction Fusion dishes are the best of both worlds. Introduction Got a large crowd over for lunch - Here's a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

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Introduction Pork and spinach, but not as a traditional roast and side. Introduction Plenty of herbs to give delight to the senses. Introduction Roast pork flavours with mushroom and ginger. Introduction Soup with a topper of lightly seared tuna - amazingly good. Introduction The great thing about rice paper rolls is the choices you have to fill them with. Introduction Beef yes, but with a Vegetarian option.

Suits all taste buds. Introduction Not a common meat in Japanese cuisine, but give it a try. It works beautifully. Introduction This is one Mum's variation of the Hiyashi Chuka ramen. Introduction When Asian flavours get together, something wonderful happens. Introduction Chicken, bacon Introduction Mango aren't just for dessert you know!

I didn't and now know what I've been missing out on all this time. Introduction A dish to tempt all appetites - Mouth-watering Marinated Duck. Introduction Who says casseroles must contain meat? Not I! Introduction Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will enjoy our simple soups. Introduction A recipe that lives up to the words on our pack. Introduction Noodles to go?

In a portable format? Introduction A healthy and delicious mid week dinner with basic Japanese flavours. Introduction This is a quick lunch time meal, though nattou is recommended to be eaten in the evening to help prevent blood clots arteries over night. Introduction An excellent Ramen soup to make at home - you'll wonder why you never tried it before. Introduction Blanched vegetables make for a crisp, vibrant salad. Introduction Spicy pepper paste to tickle the taste buds and create a sensational aroma. Introduction Ramen - the King of soup noodles.

And so many different ways to enjoy it. Introduction This recipe is so quick, easy and healthy which is why it has become a family favorite. Introduction Fresh tuna is delish! Wasabi paste gives a great kick. Introduction More red curries than you can shake a stick at - and all appetising. Introduction A hearty dish for a cold day - so flavoursome.

7 Easy Japanese Dishes to Try at Home

Introduction So many mushrooms to choose from - and the beetroot! Introduction Beetroots to roast and mushrooms to fry - delicious. Introduction Packed full of vegies plus Salmon for that touch of luxury. Introduction The title describes it so well, I don't need to add anything more. Introduction The best thing about a stir-fry is how the aromas build in the kitchen as you add each new item to the wok. Introduction Gently-Gently cooking brings out the best in this dish. Introduction A simple soup that keeps its variety of flavours to the minimum for maximum impact.

How to Make Omurice (EASY Japanese Omelette Rice Recipe) - OCHIKERON - Create Eat Happy :)

Introduction A simple casserole chock-ful of all the goodies from the sea. Introduction All you need is your favourite marinara mix and you will have a most delectable dish. Introduction Something delightfully different to do with steak. Introduction Mizuna is a green leafy Asian vegetable similar to rocket or arugula with a jucier, crunchy texture.

Try rocket and spinach if you can find. Introduction Salads don't get any simpler than this.

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Introduction Enhance cabbage with lime and spring onions. Introduction The coolness of the noodle contrasts with the hotness of the sauce. Introduction Simple flavours make for superb feasts - smoked salmon for the win! Introduction Aromatic to prepare, delectable to consume Introduction Lovely, simple summer salad that is a sure hit! Introduction These simple ingredients will have you clamouring for more. Introduction Leave yourself enough time for this dish to sit and let the flavours meld. Introduction Tangy is the word of the day - don't stint on the lemon and ginger!

Introduction Bring a little exotic into your kitchen - lotus root, ginko nuts.

Japanese Recipes for One-Burner Cooking | Tokyo Cheapo

Introduction In the style of spring time - what could be more delightful? Simple when done right. Introduction I read the name of this recipe and my mouth starts watering - so good. Introduction Freshness of oysters is a must only use a can if none available. Introduction It's the spicy sacue that really makes this meal complete. Introduction Fresh snapper with snow peas, capsicum and broccolini - a most colourful dish. Introduction So do you know what vegies work well together in a stir fry?

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Try these. Introduction What guest wouldn't be honoured by being served lobster? Introduction There is more than just fish in the sea! Try our great Squid stir-fry. Once the pasta is al dente check the package for cooking times , drain the water with a strainer and add the now-cooked spaghetti back to the pot.

Next, add the packets as instructed and mix. An American favorite but with a Japanese twist—meaning served with rice. Omelettes are incredibly simple and inexpensive to make. Adding some soy sauce and sugar to two or three whisked eggs mimics the taste of traditional Japanese tamagoyaki, which is normally rolled up and cut into bite-sized pieces. For cheese lovers, the addition is just perfect to the already salty-sweet taste.

After letting the mixture cook in a heated and oiled pan, add as much cheese as you want. For experienced chefs, adding some peppers or ham to the mixture adds another layer of accomplishment to the meal. Once the egg mixture and cheese look cooked, and the spatula can easily slide underneath, flip one half over the other to create that half moon shape. The omelette goes excellently with rice, with each bite more cheesy and delicious than the last. In Japan, ramen is a serious business.

So, we are going to get serious with this cheap, classic meal. First, pick up a pack or two of dried noodles that come with flavor packets. After allowing a few cups of water to boil, add the noodles to the water. Sounds simple enough, right? This is where you can get really creative. Cracking a raw egg or adding some sliced kamaboku is encouraged. But really, you can add anything to the mixture including vegetables or any range of seasoning. Once the noodles and toppings are cooked about half way, add the flavor packets and stir.

Though it may be simple, customizing a classic dish will make you feel more accomplished that you actually are. These simple but effective recipes will make you feel like a seasoned celebrity chef. Are your tastes a little more health conscious? See our guide to Healthy Eating in Tokyo. Start a thread on our community forum.

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